Excerpts from Laudate Si by Pope Francis

Readings from Pope Francis’s 2015 Encyclical

Below are links to excerpts from the first two (out of five) chapters of the encyclical “Laudato Si: On the Care of Our Common Home,” by Pope Francis, the first papal encyclical that deals specifically with climate change. They are a digest of his crafted discussion of creation, its beauty and glory, and the human relationship to it. Perhaps it will inspire you to read the entire encyclical for yourself. As you can see, the language is both graceful and straightforward. He builds an argument from scripture, theology, science, economics, and ethics concerning the state of the environment today and the human responsibility to solve the climate crisis for the sake of the earth’s creatures, the poor, and future generations.

The Arabic numbers in the documents refer to paragraphs. We suggest reading Chapter 2 first.

From Chapter 2: The Gospel of Creation

From Introduction and Chapter 1: What Is Happening to Our Common Home