Enrichment Opportunities

For enrichment suggestions before session 1, go here.

At any point during the course

Consider contributing to the class blog by sending your own photos, artwork, or writings, or write-ups to Trisha or Kristina. For more on the blog, see the description here.

Before Sessions 2, 3, and 4

Please read and reflect on the Scripture passages and meditations associated with the previous week’s theme — and the next week’s theme, if you get ahead.

Before Session 2

For those who missed Session 1, here is a recording of the class. The CNN video early in the session has a missing part, but you can review it below.

You might review videos shown in Session 1:

Here is a pdf version of the presentation “Urgency, Solutions, and Hope” from Session 1.

You might also like this brief National Geographic climate science primer: Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Pope Francis’s beautiful and moving 2015 encyclical Laudato Si concerns faith responses to the climate crisis. On this page you can find a link to the entire text as well as excerpts from chapters 1 and 2.

There are, of course, many other resources to explore, including those listed on this resources page and this links page.

Before Session 3

If you missed Session 2 or would like a review, here is a recording of the class. We had a number of Zoom glitches. Most have been fixed, but the final song by Carrie Newcomer lacks the video. We recommend enjoying it here.

Don’t forget the Scripture passages and meditations associated with last week’s theme — and this week’s.

You might review videos shown in Session 2:

Here are pdfs of the presentations on Environmental Justice and Carbon Fee and Dividend from Session 2 (coming soon).

You might also like this short Introductory Video from Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Here is a PCUSA support statement for carbon pricing, explaining reasons for supporting such legislation.

Here is a Presbyterian Outlook article describing some of the environmental resolutions at the 2022 Presbyterian General Assembly.

And the Fall 2020 Presbyterian Hunger Program Sustainability and Earth Care Issue provides a good overview of the PCUSA’s commitment to environmental stewardship, including a message from Rebecca Barnes, coordinator of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

Also, Jim Hollander, a participant in last October’s program from Second Pres in Little Rock, sent these links, which are especially interesting for Presbyterians:

The Power to Change: U.S. Energy Policy and Global Warming, 2008 (pp. 7-10  recommendations approved by the GA, including those relating to the churches on p. 7 )

Environmental Racism and Justice (click on the three environmental justice educational videos)

ACSWP Social Witness Policy by Topic (Under the section Ecology and Environmental Concerns, click open eight documents including GA action)

Earth Care Program Education Resources (Click on links to Christian education resources)

Climate Change and PC(USA) (Click on 3 min. video)

Climate Justice Earth Day 2021 (Earth Day Christian education and worship resources)

Collaborative Agenda for Environmental Stewardship (Call to Care, links to Christian education resources)

All Certified Earth Care Congregations commit themselves to a four-part pledge to take specific steps in four areas; worship, outreach, education and facilities. That pledge affirms that the earth and all creation are God’s. It acknowledges that God calls us to be careful, humble stewards of this earth, and to protect and restore it for its own sake, and for the future use and enjoyment of the human family. We know that caring for the earth means caring for all God’s people, and that we cannot find environmental justice without social justice. It is often the case that Earth Care Congregations are active advocates for many justice issues.

Before Session 4

In case you missed Session 3 or would like a review, here is a recording.

And if you missed the Bonus Conversation on Wednesday, July 27, with Jessica Maudlin, go to this page to find both a recording and her powerpoint presentation.

Remember the Scripture passages and meditations associated with last week’s theme — and this week’s.

You might review this video shown in Session 3:

You might enjoy Rebecca Barnes’s discussion of the History of PCUSA’s Environmental Advocacy.

Here is a link to the PCUSA’s foundational 1990 document “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice.”

Here is the important United Church of Christ document from 1987 called “Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States.” And here is the UCC’s follow-up report two decades later: “Toxic Wastes and Race at 20.”

Here is a link to the PCUSA report from 1995 called “Hazardous Waste, Race, and the Environment.”

Here is a link to the PCUSA Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy’s original draft of “Investing in a Green Future: A Vision for Renewed Creation,” which was written for the 30th anniversary of “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice,” and accepted with modifications at the 2022 General Assembly.

You can review the website of the Center for Behavior and the Environment here.

Here are pdf versions of the presentations on reducing carbon footprint for households and congregations from Session 3.

This website offers a beginner’s dive into reducing heating bills.

Here, Consumer Reports offers insight into the benefits of electric vehicles. And to research CO2 savings by vehicle type and home state, go here.

You can find the Department of Energy’s Guide to Going Solar here and their guide to Community Solar here.

To get info on federal tax incentives and links to other incentives for solar installation, go here.

To research verified carbon credit markets, go here.

To see Electric Vehicle emissions savings state by state, go here.

If you are interested in a recent hour-long presentation by Trisha Tull called Getting to Net-Zero at Home, go here.

And don’t forget the many other resources to explore, including those listed on this resources page and this links page.

After Session 4

You might review the Scripture passages and meditations associated with Session 4’s theme, COURAGE.

You might review videos shown in Session 4:

Here are pdfs from the environmental advocacy, carbon pricing, and contacting congress members presentations from Session 4 (coming soon).

If you are interested in getting involved with an environmental advocacy organization such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby, or encouraging your congregation to become and Earth Care Congregation, go to this page for links to important websites.

Here are links to a PCUSA action alert and a Citizens’ Climate Lobby alert, both inviting us to contact our US representatives about HR 2307, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

You can find your US representatives here, and find your US senators here.

Here you can find your state legislators.

To see and sign the Healthy Planet/Healthy People Petition (Laudato Si), go here.

Please take the time to offer your thoughts on what you liked about this course and what we can do to make it better!