Before First Session

We hope you will take the time to complete the recommended enrichment activities and prepare to share reflections about those during breakout times during the program.


Chasing Coral

Please view the Emmy award-winning film Chasing Coral (2017, 93 min.). You can find it for free on Netflix or YouTube. The brief video below shows our friend, Dr. Mark Eakin, who was Chasing Coral‘s NOAA scientific advisor, describing the film. You will see him at other points in the course as well.


Most people find the film to be beautiful, and both horrifying and hopeful. Please view the film on Netflix or YouTube with the following questions in mind:

  • As a person of faith, what draws you to a program on addressing the climate crisis?
  • The film introduces us to scientists who work hard to prioritize saving coral from climate change devastation. What do YOU value highly that could be harmed by unmitigated climate change?
  • What hope do you find from viewing Chasing Coral?

Climate Blog

We also invite participants to help create the class’s climate blog. Go here for more information.



Before Sessions 2, 3, and 4

Please read and reflect on the Scripture passages and meditations associated with the previous week’s theme — the next week’s theme, if you get ahead. Go here for other review and enrichment recommendations between sessions.