Climate Blog: Eco-Sorting Stations in Marin County, CA

When folks get started recycling, they have a lot of confusion about what goes where. Anne Sands of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Bolinas, California, sent us this picture and a powerpoint presentation showing what is being done in Marin County to help people recycle well. Here is a picture of the bins with explanations, and […]

Climate Blog — Coral

Leslie Lamphear, a Climate Advocate from First Presbyterian Church in Dayton, New Jersey, wrote this reflection after watching Chasing Coral, sampling for microplastics on a nearby beach, and hearing that 14% of our coral reefs were destroyed in 11 years due to climate change. Coral We eat. We drink. We drive. We covet. We consume. […]

Climate Blog — The Lord’s Prayer

THE LORD’S PRAYER, a responsive prayer from the eco-congregations in England and Wales, offered in song, word, and photography by the United Society Partners in the Gospel. We use this beautiful prayer to conclude our fourth session. You can watch and listen to it here. If you would like to download the words to use […]

Climate Blog: A Sign of Love

Fawn Palmer writes:        I am sending in a photo that was taken three years ago, May 14, 2018, at Churchville Presbyterian Church, Churchville, MD. These bicyclists are from PA Interfaith Power and Light. They stopped at our church for a midday meal in our Fellowship Hall. We linked up with Pa IPL b/c we […]

Climate Blog: Full Moon before Dawn

I sometimes wonder whether we are seeing the end of life as we know it or the beginning of life as we may learn to know it, in which humans live in harmony with God’s beautiful creation. As many people say, if we can get through the climate crisis and learn to live sustainably–even regeneratively–on […]

Climate Blog: Two Memorable Experiences

I was bursting today (Sunday 7/25) wishing for a chance to tell of two memorable experiences I had Saturday. Our local utility, LES, had a community energy event and Laurel and I had a chance to test drive a Tesla and a Chevrolet Volt. (Both were awesome but we actually preferred the Volt.) That evening […]