What We Do

We offer four-week online courses for individuals and congregational groups who are getting started as climate activists and advocates. Classes include videos, reflection, discussion, and enrichment to move from despair to engaged, hopeful, effective action. We examine…

  • our deep connections with the natural world
  • the urgency of our present climate crisis
  • the effects of climate change and environmental pollution on the poor
  • why people of faith take the crisis seriously and personally
  • what is being done, and what can be done, to promote healing
  • specific actions, including…
    • talking with leaders and neighbors
    • advocating for rapid transformation
    • making changes in our congregations and homes

We do this by…

  • teaching through Zoom
  • using visual and video resources, interviews, and conversations
  • offering enrichment opportunities and bonus conversations between sessions
  • recommending follow-up actions


We invite…

  • pastors, leaders, and members of congregations
  • groups or classes within congregations to learn with us
  • participants to bring family members or friends along

And we are…