Climate Blog: Meditation on Two Songs by Sara Thomsen

Jean Marie Ballard wrote this in response to Ida King’s lovely painting (below):

This is a lovely picture. Reminds me of a song I first heard when on sabbatical at Springbank Retreat Center in S.C.
Canticle of the Feathered Ones by Sara Thomsen.

And Sara has another song entitled Somewhere to Begin. For me, this song tells me that when the realities of life (i. e. Climate Change) are overwhelming to so many people, we can begin to address by starting with a small step. Small though it is, it may be the action that starts the snowball rolling down a hill, getting larger and larger, with the small steps that are taken along the way.

One thought on “Climate Blog: Meditation on Two Songs by Sara Thomsen

  1. Jean Marie–Thank you for sharing these two beautiful songs by Sara Thomsen. Both are salves for our hearts, broken by witnessing how much we’ve hurt our mother earth and how much work we have to do to repair her.

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