Climate Blog — The Lord’s Prayer

THE LORD’S PRAYER, a responsive prayer from the eco-congregations in England and Wales, offered in song, word, and photography by the United Society Partners in the Gospel. We use this beautiful prayer to conclude our fourth session. You can watch and listen to it here. If you would like to download the words to use in worship, you can find them here.

Our Father who art in heaven…

You are also at home in the air, the soil, the forests and the oceans

Hallowed be your name………….By the care we take of your creation

Your Kingdom come……….All that you see is good

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…. Your will to till and care

Give us this day our daily bread……That all may have sufficient to live life in fullness

Forgive us our trespassers….Our greed, our exploitation, our lack of concern for other species and future generations

As we forgive those who trespass against us….. By reconciliation with justice and peace

Lead us not into temptation…the temptation to equate dominion with exploitation

And deliver us from evil…. The evil of destroying your gift of creation

For yours is the Kingdom… yours Lord, not ours

The Power and the Glory… in the cross and the resurrection… forever and ever

You were the beginning and you are the end.

Amen and so it be

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