Climate Blog — Coral

Leslie Lamphear, a Climate Advocate from First Presbyterian Church in Dayton, New Jersey, wrote this reflection after watching Chasing Coral, sampling for microplastics on a nearby beach, and hearing that 14% of our coral reefs were destroyed in 11 years due to climate change.


We eat.

We drink.

We drive.

We covet.

We consume.

We heat.

We cool.

We ship.

We break.

We trash.

We pollute.

We ignore.

We distract.

We deny.


We fly.

We vacation.

We swim.







We look.

We see.

We hear.

We observe.

We measure.

We photograph.

We document.

We report.

We chase.

We yell.

We scream.

We feel.

We weep.

We mourn.

We cry from the depths.


Can we stop?

Can we change?

Can we help?

Can we heal?

Can we mitigate?

Can we till?

Can we survive?

Can we listen to you, coral?

Can we listen to you, O God?


One by one.

Like the coral.

Standing alone.

Standing together.

Standing with God.

We create a reef seen from the stars.

We can reform.


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