Climate Blog: Two Memorable Experiences

I was bursting today (Sunday 7/25) wishing for a chance to tell of two memorable experiences I had Saturday. Our local utility, LES, had a community energy event and Laurel and I had a chance to test drive a Tesla and a Chevrolet Volt. (Both were awesome but we actually preferred the Volt.)

That evening we went to downtown Lincoln to enjoy the performance of Paula Poundstone. She was her amazing self and chatted with the audience for almost two hours. Partway through her phone rings. (It’s unclear whether it was a random call or one that was arranged. She answered it as if she didn’t expect it, but that’s not the point.) It was Ed Begley. She talked to him a bit and when she hung up she proceeded to tell a story where they both were scheduled at a benefit and she had to go on first because Begley was late. The reason. He was riding his bicycle to the event. She indicated it was a journey of several miles. I hope the rest of the audience took from her story his commitment to the environment is quite serious. She made other mentions of climate change but her story about Ed Begley was profound.

Tom Pappas, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lincoln, NE

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