Climate Blog: Lament for Creation

This lament was written by Beth Snyder in response to the 2020-2021 PW/Horizons Bible study, “Into the Light–Finding Hope through Prayers of Lament” (lesson 7: Creation Laments), by P. Lynn Miller, M.Div.

Creator God,

I stand looking at our tall elm tree and see dead branches. I know you created this majestic tree that gives me oxygen, shade and the pleasing sight of green spring foliage. The elm leaf beetle has damaged our beautiful tree causing branches to die. I have sought the advice of arborists and treated the roots of our tree. Please restore this tree to health. Let it live many more years to give oxygen, shade and pleasure. Creator and Sustainer, thank you for the gift of all trees, but most especially I praise you for the gift of this magnificent elm tree.

One thought on “Climate Blog: Lament for Creation

  1. Beth–thank you for the beautiful lament for your elm tree. It is reminiscent of my sorrow at losing a majestic white oak next to our house about 15 years ago. We had built the house 5 years before its demise and had worried at the time that we would disrupt its root system in the construction. But–we couldn’t move the house any further away. We deeply mourned its loss and resolved to be more respectful of the magnificent nature around us in the future. I hope we have.

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